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Translation Café started in the year 2007, as the magazine of the MA Programme for the Translation of the Contemporary Literary Text (MTTLC), at the University of Bucharest.

The eZINE consists of a large number of parallel translations of the same text. The translations are made by graduate students of MTTLC, as a prolongation of their activity in class. They are meant to give the graduates a taste of their future profession, and also to increase their sense of responsibility for a translation they sign under their own name. No translation is checked by the teachers. The translators read other versions, and compare them among themselves. The result often goes into a volume published by Contemporary Literature Press, http://editura.mttlc.ro/. The magazine is posted on the internet the 18th of every month.

The texts are translated from or into English, and belong to all literary genres – fiction, poetry, literary criticism, as well as the drama, the essay. The focus is on Modern Literature, broadly meaning the 20th and the 21st centuries: Romanian, British, American among others.

Author of Translation Cafe No 128: Cucu Stela
Editor: Monica Manolachi
IT Expertise:Carmen Dumitru and Diana Olteanu


Cuprins / Contents:

Interviu / Interview

Agata murind (Capitolul 4) / Dying Agata (Chapter 4)

Captivul (Capitolul 11) / The Captive (Chapter 11)

Pudră (Capitolul 3) / Powder (Chapter 3)

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